Xiaomi has begun phone assembly in a facility in Batam, Indonesia

Feb 10, 2017

Xiaomi has begun phone assembly in a facility in Batam, Indonesia, the Chinese company announced today. This move allows it to obtain the necessary approval to sell its Redmi 4A smartphone in the country.

Since January, foreign smartphone makers must prove that 4G LTE phones sold in the archipelago are made up of least 30 percent “local content.” Assembly, packaging, design, and even software and R&D investments flow into the calculation of that percentage. source techinasia.com

Starting to hear increasingly often about such restrictions. Want to sell your product in our country have to produce 30% of it local.

Xiaomi in the past had been hesitant to commit to making the necessary changes, even delaying the launch of one of its flagship models in 2015. Xiaomi bowed to pressure those countries? He understood that may not otherwise to increase sales? I read on a forum that Xiaomi has delayed entering the US market and are turning to smaller markets in Asia. It is easier to open several factories ansamlare than to confront the great houses of the US attorneys. They know they are the best resources. Financial and human resources. Do not forget that small markets can afford small and medium products. If you want to sell top products as proved they can produce must be guided by mature markets.

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