Xiaomi announced ShareSave – new brand cross-border e-commerce platform

Jan 23, 2019

ShareSave aims to offer users outside of Chinese mainland a convenient and cost-effective way to purchase ecosystem products that have only been available within Chinese mainland.


Using social e-commerce as its core model, ShareSave is a platform where users take the lead every step of the way for a #SharetoSave purchasing experience. As a global initiative, ShareSave is available in India now, with plans to expand to other markets in the future.

ShareSave allows for a place where Mi Fans connect, enjoy and share a unique #SharetoSave shopping experience.It also serves as a testing ground for key markets, allowing Xiaomi to learn more about the local demand for various types of product.

Featuring three kinds of purchase modes, users will be able to enjoy shopping discounts in highly social and interactive ways:
– Pair-up: Buy with a friend to get an exclusive discount for both.
– Drop: Up to 100% price drop when enough friends and family join the drop group.
– Kickstart: Contribute $0.2 to back your favorite products and get up to 10 times the reward.

This platform is truly innovative in online commerce. The Internet has removed any barrier of communication. The only barriers currently in the online environment are trade. Legislative differences and distances are the main factors for which distance trade is complicated. Solutions exist. They are only accessible to a small number of people.

The new platform launched today by Xiaomi must be analyzed in two parts:
– offers a cross-border e-commerce platform: removes some of the intermediaries and supports those who want to order but does not find a local provider.
– provides a system for collecting user data: user data is extremely important for smart technology manufacturers. The current trend is to create a legislative system that limits the methods of collecting and using personal data.

Xiaomi Promotion Policy is based on your own community. Every Xiaomi product user or partner is a promoter. The existence of a platform where he can talk to other Xiaomi promoters will result in his development and increased power of influence.

Congratulations, Xiaomi. I like when you surprise me.

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