Xiaomi and Bestune has launched Bestune T77 SUV

Apr 6, 2019

Xiaomi and Bestune has launched Bestune T77 SUV – the biggest as well as the most expensive SUV in FAW’s Bestune

Bestune T77 SUV

The most interesting feature is the advanced voice control system, which complements the holographic assistant with 43 different skill sets, projected on top of the front panel. There are 3 avatars for assistants who can be dressed in 5 costumes for each character. These assistants are in touch with other smart features. They can communicate information retrieved from navigational applications to which they can access and interact with people in the car. In the future, the facilities offered by these assistants will be extremely important.

Bestune T77 SUV

I’ve been looking for more information about these assistants, but for now we have just found some photos. I hope to find at least one uploaded video on youtube. Lack of interest from editors to this feature confirms their lack of vision. We live in a smart world where intelligent objects begin to communicate with each other.

In a few years, cars will no longer be differentiated only by fuel type, cylinder capacity and dimensions. The main selection criterion will be the level of training of the assistant on board and the level of security he can provide.

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