Xiaomi has 54 Mi Home stores

Jan 12, 2017

For 2017, Xiaomi plans to open 200 more Mi Home stores and a total of 1,000 stores over the next three years to strengthen its offline retail operations, since e-commerce makes up only 20 percent of China’s overall smartphone market.

Even if we talk about tech products offline stores have their undeniable role. This seems to have been fully understood by Xiaomi. Let’s not forget that they analyze in detail the evolution of the market separately in each country they wish to develop. Analyze and identify what went well and what went wrong. And what went wrong and try to apply elsewhere. We know that the market of a country has its peculiarities. It’s true. But it is equally true that a certain country can innovate faster something. Or something better kept. Some say this strategy comes from books with war strategy. If we are objective we should recognize that they are in a war.

Despite the development of the online environment more and more people began to return to offline shopping where this is possible. Euphoria about the past. We want again to talk with vendors face to face.

Beyond the psychological side is a side product based on ignorance. New products appear so often that we can no longer keep up. We are increasingly more difficult to us to decide who we are product best suits our current needs. At an offline store you can always find someone to answer our questions.

Another advantage is providing the service. The guarantee is one of the reasons why a Chinese brand gets so difficult in other countries. Who provides the warranty? An offline store in a region will certainly take all matters.

I left to end one of the most important advantages. Lowering transportation costs. If you order a product online with offline delivery at a store nearby transport costs are borne by the company.

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