Sep 8, 2020

POCO, the industry-redefining smartphone brand, launched its latest device: POCO X3 NFC. Tailored for young tech and gaming enthusiasts, it adopts a unique finish-line design that screams power. The device puts performance above all else, offering only the most useful high-end specs with no frills at a fraction of the usual price.


Debuting Qualcomm’s newest and most powerful 700-series 4G processor – Snapdragon™ 732G – POCO X3 NFC boasts incredible performance that lasts up to two days on one charge, thanks to the handset’s large 5,160mAh battery. Meanwhile, the phone’s 120Hz+240Hz display creates an incredibly smooth and responsive experience superior to most flagships on the market.

Exactly the performance you need with the brand-new Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 732G platform

For those trying to stand out from the crowd, POCO X3 NFC packs a slew of creative features including six kaleidoscope options, Gold vibes mode, Cyberpunk mode, numerous new photo filters, as well as AI Skyscaping 3.0, presenting new creative ways to brighten up users’ social media feed.

Video enthusiasts can make use of the device’s 4K video recording as well as features including smooth video zoom, focus peaking and AE/AF lock. The included LOG/RAW format support and Vlog mode not only ensure that users can capture their most important moments in utmost quality, but also turn the phone into a semi-professional workstation for video content production.

The mid range champion

Last year we talked very often about REDMI smartphones. We consider them the best smartphones in the mid-range. Now I notice a change in strategy. The current average range is clearly higher than anticipated last year. The current average range is higher. The facilities offered by the current mid-range smartphones are superior.

I consider this change as an indication of the future. The future belongs to technology and time is not on our side. The winners will be the ones who will adapt faster.

The Xiaomi Group once again supports those with medium financial possibilities. It offers them the opportunity to have access to superior technology at a reduced price. I use it and learn how to use advanced technology. Education. Exactly – education.

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