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Jun 13, 2022

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Black Shark 5 Pro Highlights
Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
120W Hyper Charge
Anti-G Dual VC Liquid Cooling
Magnetic Pop-up Triggers
144Hz OLED E-sports Display
Master Tuned Audio, DXOMARK Top 1
108MP Ultra-Clear Camera
JOYUI13 Designed for Players

Black Shark 5 Pro Features
– Performance Evolution Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. With a fully upgraded CPU & GPU in a 4nm process, it brings unmatched performance even more surging and durable. Come and start a new chapter of mobile platform performance together. 4nm process, Stronger performance, lower power consumption. Cortex-X2 Super Core, Up to 3.0GHz.
– Full Power LPDDR5. 6400Mbps, 16% faster than previous generation.
– SA/NSA Dual-Mode 5G , Enhanced Wi-Fi6. Stay online all the time by the smart switch among different signal modes.
– GameEngine, Performance Optimization. Equipped with AI process monitoring and ThermalControl key device thermal control optimization technologies, effectively improving the application launch/loading rate and game frame rate stability, keeping the mobile phone run smoothly in all scenarios.
– Dual VC Liquid Cooling, Much cooler than ever. Based on the advanced “sandwich” three-dimensional cooling architecture, the Anti-Gravity Dual VC liquid cooling system uses two super large VCs and direct-attached copper alloys to 100% cover the core components of the phone while providing true three-dimensional cooling of heat sources.
– 5320mm² Massive Dual VC Plates, Larger and cooler. The Black Shark 5 Pro uses two VC liquid cooling plates distributed in three dimensions, making the total dissipation area up to 5320mm² and creating excellent cooling performance. Paired with large number of graphite flakes, phase change materials, graphene and other heat dissipation materials used in the phone, it enables efficient and even cooling of the entire machine, giving full play to the Snapdragon 8 processor.
– Anti gravity track. The VC’s internal Anti-G track design enhances capillary forces and strengthens the ability of “moving against the current”. Liquid coolant flow rate increased by 30%. VC heat dissipation increased by 50%.
– Direct attached copper alloys. Instead of the traditional thermal gel solution, Black Shark 5 Pro uses copper alloys to connect the heat source with VC plate, end up with a huge improvement on heat dissipation.
– 120W Hyper Charge, Now under two gears. Charge your phone to 100% within 15mins in Ultimate Mode, or take 24mins in Even Mode to balance the heat dissipation and charging speed. With 120W Hyper Charge Power Adapter and 6A USB-C Cable in the box. Ultimate Mode: 4650mAh fully charged within 15mins. Even Mode: 4650mAh fully charged within 24mins.
– More than 1200 charge sycles. Longer battery life than industrial standard
– Phase change material. Efficiently solve the heating problem during charge, extend high power charging time and stabilize the charging progress.
– Bypass power supply. The adapter bypasses the battery and directly power-up the phone, which improves the battery life and effectively reduces the heat dissipation burden.
– 144Hz E-Sports Display, 10-bit Color Depth. Black Shark 5 Pro’s 6.7″ flexible OLED display with a 144Hz refresh rate, delivers an ultra-smooth and colorful visual experience in every game or daily use. 6.7″ OLED Flexible Display. COP Process with narrower frame. DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut. 10-bit Color Depth. HDR 10+ High Dynamic Range. 500000:1 High Contrast. SGS Certification. DC Dimming.
– Dual Ambient Light Sensors. With the 360° dual ambient light sensors and 16000 brightness levels, Black Shark 5 Pro’s display is always adapted to a comfortable level in all environments.
– TouchCntrol Master Algorithm. Up to 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate and Black Shark Touch-Control Touch Master Algorithm technology minimize the full-link control response latency and bring perfect touch response in every game.
– Dual zone pressure-sensitive display, One more step. Better on-screen operation enhancements, enabling 3D touch functionality through finger pressure. You can easily achieve complex operations with two fingers in a game.
– Magnetic Pop-up Triggers, Best in-game Gear. The Black Shark 5 series is equipped with the second generation of Magnetic Pop-up Trigger. In addition, 7 levels of magnet drive provide a smooth and stable toggling experience. Built-in gaming-level micro-switches, which have a crisp touch and a sensitive trigger response, igniting the passion for gaming at your fingertips.
– What’s more for triggers. The triggers allow you to turn on the flashlight, free up RAM, record audio, take screenshots, the record screen, and more. One click to open apps.
– Master Tuned Audio DXOMARK Top 1. A real TOP 1 with a huge gap before the second one. We use two flagship speakers and a powerful acoustic system with 4 driver chips inside the phone, combined with multiple audio algorithms such as NLC and the excellent tuning strength of Black Shark audio engineers, the bass is shocking and immersive, and the treble is transparent and bright, making the listener feel as if get into reality.
– Linear Stereo Speakers. With two flagship 1216P speakers, the equivalent volume of a single cavity is 1.5cc, and the amplitude is as high as 0.8mm, bringing a cinema-level auditory feast.
– 4 mics matrix. Equipped with 4 high-performance microphones, combined with customized noise reduction algorithms, to achieve directional noise reduction and anti-whistling functions in various voice scenarios, and enjoy clearer multi-person voice communication
– X-axis Linear Motor. Customized gaming-level X-axis linear motor brings a layered vibration experience, making the game more immersive.
– 108MP Main Camera, Capture every moment. For the very first time, we used a 108MP camera that produces 108 MP ultra-clear photos and zooms in on details “without compromise”. A gaming phone that delivers professional-quality images. 13MP 120° Wide Angle Camera, 108MP 1/1.52″ Main Camera, 5MP 3-7cm AF Telephoto Camera.
– Audio Zoom. The sound source zoom function can zoom in on the specified sound source, zoom in on the sound source while zooming in on the screen, and dynamically track the voice of the protagonist.

Package Content
1 x Black Shark 5 Pro
1 x Fast Charge Power Adapter (120W)
1 x USB Type-C data cable
1 x SIM TrayEjector
1 x Protective Case
1 x Quick Start Guide

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