Why Xiaomi dominates India’s low-cost smartphone market

Oct 23, 2019

The pace at which Xiaomi has succeeded in dominating the India’s low-cost smartphone market has attracted the attention of many analysts. What did Xiaomi do? How did it succeed? What is their secret?

The BBC’s Krutika Pathi tried to find out the answer to these questions. You can find conclusion on bbc.com. There is no secret. On the contrary. Xiaomi strategy is transmitted on various media channels.

The main advantage is the team from Xiaomi in India is a realistic attitude towards customers and a long term strategy. If you look closely at the answers obtained by Krutika Pathi you will find the details that make the difference.

They first bought Xiaomi smartphones because they had no money for competing brand premium smartphones. They bought with the intention that in the future to buy the desired premium model. It was the first step. The second was to prove to them that even among Xiaomi smartphones there are premium models at a lower net price. Those customers became Xiaomi fans with premium smartphones. An increasing category. A strong brand develops with its fans.

The second extremely important detail in this article is the expectations of the fans. Xiaomi fans expect high-performance products. Even if they have chosen to buy Xiaomi products at a lower price, they want features at the same performance. They create pressure on Xiaomi.

The third detail is less obvious because of the rapid adaptation to the evolution of the market. 3G. 4G. It’s approaching 5G. Here is the vision of a leader.

I would also add the professionalism of the Xiaomi marketing team in India. Thanks to this team, Xiaomi’s progress in India has been so fast.

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