Viomi AI Space E air conditioner was launched at Crowdfunding Platform

May 12, 2021

Viomi AI Space E air conditioner, designed in cooperation with Dyson experts, was launched at Crowdfunding Platform

One of the main disadvantages of indoor air conditioners is the discomfort created by people sitting under it. At the office or on the couch. Although not officially recognized as a disease, pain caused by drafts is common in medical clinics.

The manufacturers of this air conditioning system boast that this disadvantage has been eliminated. In one of the 4 operating modes, the air currents are directed horizontally and ensure maximum comfort to the people inside the room. This main advantage is highlighted also through the product presentation pictures.

The second advantage is the design. The classic design found in most manufacturers of air conditioning systems was abandoned and a more artistic design was chosen.

The voice recognition option was indispensable. It can be ordered from a maximum distance of 5 m. We did not find information about the possibility to connect it to other smart devices in the Xiaomi family

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