Use Audio Zoom and get more efficient videos

Sep 29, 2021

If you want to get more efficient videos, use the Audio Zoom function

Smartphones can have additional features compared to premium video cameras, with which we can get high-performance videos. One of these functions is Audio Zoom. Do you use it? Do you know what Audio Zoom is?

With the Zoom-In Mic, you can use a pinch gesture on the screen while recording video to zoom in or out, and as you zoom in, the sounds of the subject you zoom in on become louder. Zoom out, and the surrounding sound is no longer suppressed

Audio Focus technology enables the selection of desired direction and attenuates the incoming sounds from other directions. When the strength of this effect is controlled dynamically — for example, together with the video camera’s visual zooming — then the effect is called Audio Zoom

A high-performance video consists of a maximum quality image and an enviable sound. Try it yourself. I promise your friends will be envious. Or – your partners will be grateful and will accept the price increase.

Xiaomi encourages smartphone video creation. One of the ways our videos go viral is to use recent features, features unknown to our competition.

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