Unboxing Xiaomi Zhibai Waterproof Men Electric Razor SL2

Jul 30, 2018

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Meet Mi Home Waterproof Rechargeable Men Electric Razor SL2

Many years ago man felt the need to take care of his physical appearance, more precisely with the thick facial hairs that originate in the facial area. That is why Xiaomi has previously entered the razor market, where its latest electric models such as the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Razor clearly demonstrate the potential and dominance that the company has in this section. Now we have a new proposal, the Xiaomi ZHIBAI Electric Razor that undoubtedly makes the difference in terms of the shaving experience, providing a soft touch to the skin, with exceptional performance in each of its uses. Below we will explain in detail the outstanding sections that have this small but powerful razor.The box of this shaver is designed with a strong cardboard material, rectangular in size, with dimensions of 10cm x 10cm x 8cm and a weight of 200g. The shaver has a metallic frame of black color and comfortable grip, in which the power button is positioned right in the middle, of the front part of its structure. From the same angle but in the lower area you can see the engraved the name of the product. In addition, it has stainless steel blades inside two rings of the same material, with which you will be provided with a  splendid shave. In the lower part of the Xiaomi ZHIBAI Electric Razor, we will find the type C USB charging port, protected by a rubber that fits perfectly in the connector, to avoid the entry of water, which makes this device resistant to water and with an IPX7 certification respectively. It should be mentioned that its use can be perfectly in any area of the body, either on a dry or a wet surface.It is important to note that this device has a fairly small size that makes it perfect to take it with you anywhere and at any time, being an essential accessory when traveling. In this case, small is not synonymous with weak, since it has an excellent durability thanks to the materials with which is built. This shaver possesses an incredible capacity at the moment of putting into operation since with its 8500 revolutions per minute and its high torque force of 180g.cm make it a total beast.

Xiaomi decided to implement a stainless steel material of the Toyota brand on its blades, along with the cutting style of the Swedish knives, thus providing an optimal shaving process at all times. It also has a rotary movement of 360 degrees with a cut angle of 20 degrees, which allows it to adapt to any type of facial shape. Thanks to the double ring design, it makes the contact of the blade with the skin quite soft and silent. All the head where the blades are attached, all are united to the main rotor through a magnetic contact so that these parts can be removed for a comfortable cleaning.

It is equipped with two 450mAh batteries, providing it with 900mAh available for use. Xiaomi says that if you use the shaver once a day, you can enjoy 30 days without recharging the device. The recharge of the battery is through the type C USB port with protection at the entrance to avoid water damage.

If you want to have in your hands a razor very compact but at the same time powerful, positioned in the highest standards of performance, thanks to the different technologies and materials for its construction, you have to choose the Xiaomi ZHIBAI Electric Razor.

Mi Home Waterproof Rechargeable Men Electric Razor SL2 Features
● IPX7 waterproof performance, suitable for wet and dry shaving
● Double-ring blade network design, easily remove all kinds of whiskers
● Stainless steel cutting head, 360-degree cutting movement
● Charge for 8 hours and run for 45 minutes
● Built-in 2 x 450mAh lithium battery

Mi Home Waterproof Rechargeable Men Electric Razor SL2 Specs
Brand: Xiaomi
Model: SL2
Type: Shaver
Operation Type: Electric
Features: Waterproof
Razor head: rotary two heads
Material: Metal, Stainless Steel
Use Condition: Dry, Wet
Power: Rechargeable Power
Cleaning: Washable
Battery: 900mAh Built-in lithium battery
Charging method: type-C charging
Charging time: 8 hours (full battery time)
Life time: about 45 minutes
Product weight: 86.5g
Product size (L x W x H): 5.00 x 2.55 x 6.35 cm / 1.97 x 1 x 2.5 inches
Color: Black
Product code: E-B08-B5-202 / T0052001806200267 (2) / 0571-85812932 / 6971016542003
SKU: 263354801
Voluntary Standard: GB 4706.1-2005 / GB 4706.9-2008
Production date: 2018.06.13

Package content

1 x Xiaomi Zhibai Mi Home Waterproof Rechargeable Men Electric Razor SL2
1x Type C USB cable
1x Bag to transport the shaver
1x User Manual in Chinese



Xiaomi Zhibai Xiaomi Zhibai Xiaomi Zhibai Xiaomi Zhibai

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