Unboxing Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp XMCTD01YL

Feb 8, 2017

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Smart Yeelight Bedside Light uses high grade Osram LED, giving 16 million RGB lights for choices. With simply touch and slide, you can adjust brightness and colors as you want. Moreover, you can use your phone as a Bluetooth remote, design unique lighting scenarios. Giving the romatic and comfortable lighting atmosphere for you.

Bedside literally means near-to-bed – in this place in apartment is installed a smart lamp Yeelight by the recommendation of manufacturer. Device is shaped in a cylindrical form. Lamp is minimalistic, its lower side, which takes one-fifth of the entire structure is made from lightweight aluminum, and the rest of a material similar to plastic light matte color. On the aluminum edging is company’s logo Yee. On top of the lamp is on / off button (in the center of the circle) and the oval button to switch glow.

Lower edge is equipped with a special rubber stand around perimeter of the circle, so Yeelight does not slide on the surface. By the way, cover is very tenacious: the lamp remains in place, even under slippery angle of table surface. Lamp’s weight is successfully distributed from the base to the top, and the Yeelight’s center of gravity is somewhere just below the center. Also, at the lower aluminum rear part of the nightlight is the power connector.

Yeelight Dimensions
We would like to focus attention on the size of Yeelight. If we were shown at presentation of mini lamp size of 22.1 cm by 10 cm and it seemed very tiny, in reality things would be very different. Yeelight Bedside – is a big bedside lamp. It is massive, volumetric and it is much bigger than it looks on pictures. To understand the dimensions of Yeelight its enough to put the lamp close to the average cat.

Yeelight is controlled in two ways: Manually & Via Smartphone / tablet. To switch a floor lamp – just click on the round activation button on the top of Yeelight. The lamp glows with a pleasant white (white-blue) color. Lighting mode can be changed on different by clicking on the (oval) key. The coolest part – Yeelight brightness control. The brightness of the lamp can be changed by the movement of the finger on the disk and counterclockwise. The entire upper area of ​​the disc is sensory. For Android and iOS devices is available Yeelight application to control the lamp. To download the program, you need to scan the QR code on the box.

Synchronization with Yeelight goes via Bluetooth, it may take some time. After pairing, the user will be able to:
– lighting color management on your smartphone
– brightness control
– Setting the timer to switch off
– Range specification for color glow

Great options for use, of couse. Another awesome feature of Yeelight is the ability to sync with a bracelet Mi Band. Paired devices are beginning to create real magic. Mi Band tracks when the user starts to fall asleep and suppresses nightlight automatically, which really cool. To test this clearly you wont be able to, but in the morning, when I woke up Yeeligh was switched off – thus, it works.

Yeelight Bedside Lamp is a bright and pleasant gadget from Xiaomi, from concept of smart home devices. With its functions (nightlight) device copes perfectly well, it just has to be put next to the bed and to switch on before going to sleep, while watching movie or reading through your emails. In addition, Yeelight thanks to its minimalist design is easy to fit into any interior.

Yeelight Android Application
– Night mode. When you wake up at midnight, swiping the touch wheel on the top will turn on the lamp with gentle lights which make your eyes conformtable and avoid disturbing your family.
– Sleep timer. You like falling asleep with light on? Bingo! Yeelight lamp could turn off automatically after the time you set.
– Phone control. You could connect your phone to apllication with Bluetooth 4.0 to set brightness, color, color tempreture as well as color flow with 16M colors. It will bring you totally different experiences!

Yeelight Lamp is smart and easy to use. You can even control it with your phone. It will certainly bring you brand new experiences with lights. Download Yeelight Android Application v2.3.09 from here.

Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp XMCTD01YL Features
● Design: Fashion and cool Yeelight bedside lamp
● Lighting Color: Choose from a range of 16 million colors
● Dimmable: Adjust color temperature and brightness for a comfortable glow
● Color temperature: 1700K-6500K color temperature gradual change function
● Lamp type: High quality Osram lamp, high color rendering index
● Touch Control design: With simply touch and slide, you can adjust brightness / Power off delay / switch light mode / adjust color as you want

Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp XMCTD01YL Specifications
● Height: 221 mm
● Diameter: 100 mm
● Weight: 700 grams
● Lamp input power: 12V 1A
● Maximum brightness: 300 lumens
● Rated power: 10W (14 x 0.7W/LED Module)
● Working life: 20.000hrs
● Lamp input power: 12V 1A
● Input raitng: 100-240V, 50-60HZ, 0.5A
● Compatible with Apple devices with IOS 7.1, iPod touch 5 and Android devices running Android 4.3 or above
● Product code: XMCTD01YL / E-Z01-B9-103 / 133394301 (1) / 10894/00468963 / 6924922200093 / SKU: MUE4028RT
● Standard: Q/QDYLK001-2015
● CMIIT ID: 2015DP1309
● Power adapter: model DSA-12PFA-09 FCH 120100A, Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.5A, Output: 12V 1A
● Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp XMCTD01YL firmware version: upgraded to 2.2.39

Package content
1 x Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp XMCTD01YL
1 x Power Adapter
1 x EU Power Plug Adapter
1 x Chinese User Manual


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Unboxing full photo album here.


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