Unboxing Xiaomi XMMF01JQD Bluetooth Magic Cube

May 26, 2021

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Magic Cube

Meet Xiaomi XMMF01JQD Bluetooth Magic Cube
Mi Smart Rubiks Cube is a smart magic cube that promises to reinvent the classic puzzle and bring another connected gadget to the home of brand fans. Using a six-axis sensor system, the product is capable of capturing each rotation and color change as the user attempts to solve the puzzle. All data can be saved and viewed via a magic cube application that can be synced with Android and iOS software via Bluetooth.

In addition to accurately calculating the entire process of solving the magic cube, the app can also act as a guide and give the user tips to optimize the way to complete the puzzle. The app also has nine difficulty levels, bringing extra challenges to modify the journey of those already mastering the challenge.

The Xiaomi smart cube is equipped with a six-sensing system, which automatically captures the changes of the cube, and transmits data to the mobile phone in real-time through the connection. Smart cube APP helps you quickly master the skills through 30-step fast restoration, mini-game tutorials, timing and other functions. By connecting the gateway, you can realize the interconnection between the cube and various types of smart home products, and your life is more convenient.

The product also has support for the Mijia application and can therefore be synchronized with other devices that target connected home environments. It is possible to pair the magic cube with smart lamps and make the color of the device change according to the user’s performance when solving the puzzle. Despite the connected functions, Xiaomi ensures that consumers do not have to worry about the Mi Smart Rubiks Cube battery. The device uses a battery as a battery source and has a battery life of up to one year.

Perfect Science Education Gift
Perfect as science education gift for your family, boyfriends, children, classmates, and yourselves.

A Good Magic Cube, Realize Your Childhood Dreams
What is a good cube? It turns quickly and firmly, will not get stuck or scatterred, compatible all sorts of techniques.This product meets your needs at one time. Powerful performance, cost effective, with APP, let you easily get new skills, the realization of childhood restore dreams.

Movable Magnetic Module Design
Automatic Positioning, Light & Smooth Movement. With built-in strong magnets , it can be aligned automatically with a flick of the dial. Innovative movable magnetic module design brings a stronger sense of the sound of magnetic suction, like with BGM itself, can not stop at first.

High Performance Racing Structure Design
More Accurate Rotation, More Stable Elasticity. The innovative segmented lengthened shaft and dual metal shaft sleeve has greatly improved the verticality of the six axes and the rotation accuracy of the center block. Combined with the new integrated design of the center block and the elastic system, the elasticity on all six sides remain stable and consistent. Players can freely adjust the tightness, just breaking the hand speed as fast as you can.

Xiaomi XMMF01JQD Bluetooth Magic Cube Highlights
– Dedicated Application
– Half-day learning for the zero-based
– Beginner tutorial. From entry to mastery, so easy to learn.
– Follow 30 steps to restore.
– Six-sensing synchronization
– Smart Home Linkage
– Bluetooth synchronization
– Professional Racing Structure.

Xiaomi XMMF01JQD Bluetooth Magic Cube Features
– Follow 30 steps to restore via smart magic cube APP
– Six-axis sensing system, automatically capture rotation and color changes
– Built-in 9-tutorial game “Tutorial”, it can help users to quickly master the restoration skills
– Restore magic cube timing, record restoration time, number of steps and speed
– Professional racing structure design, anti-carton, anti-scattering frame, high fault tolerance
– Smart home linkage control, using smart cube to control smart home appliance (via Mijia Bluetooth gateway)
– Built-in replaceable button battery, low power consumption design, connect to smart magic cube APP for 1 hour every day, 1 battery can be used for 1 year

Xiaomi XMMF01JQD Bluetooth Magic Cube Specs
Brand: Xiaomi / Mijia
Model: XMMF01JQD
Type: Magic Cube
Applicable age: 6 years+
Main material: ABS
Support system: Android 6.0 or iOS 9.0 and above
Battery type: CR1632 Button Battery
Wireless connection: Bluetooth version 5.0
Working temperature: 0~40℃
Net weight: 100g
Size: 57x57x57mm
Voluntary Standard: GB6675.1-2014 / GB6675.2-2014 / GB6675.3-2014 / GB6675.4-2014
Product code: A141229 / 6934177711725 / 24384/00286138
SKU: BEV4178CN / D79818-24330245
Production date: 2020.05.28

Download Mi Smart Magic Cube Android application latest version 1.0.1 for free from here.

Package Content
1 x Xiaomi XMMF01JQD Bluetooth Magic Cube
1 x Chinese User Manual


Magic Cube Magic Cube


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