Unboxing Xiaomi XMCXB01QM Mini Power Strip with 3 USB Charging Ports

Jun 28, 2016

You can now buy Xiaomi XMCXB01QM Mini Power Strip with 3 USB Charging Ports from Gearbest.com for only 12.49 USD with free shipping world wide.

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Power strips is a life necessity in everyday life, but not everyone likes it (taking up too mush space or looks ugly). When people are becoming accustomed to all its shortcomings, our team began to think about how to change and improve it. Three self-adaption 1A/2A USB charging ports are added to the strip. By using high quality materials, customizing the core components and optimizing the structure, finally it makes 50% smaller than the normal strips. Concise and delicate as ornaments of your house. 

Xiaomi XMCXB01QM Mini Power Strip Features

●XiaoMi Power Strip with sleek white design, as slim as pencil case
● 3 power sockets and 3 USB ports with 2A quick charging function
● Phosphor bronze terminal, copper bar connectivity system
● Independent safety doors to keep children away from the risk of electric shock
● Subtle and elegant white power indicator light shows working status
● High power conversion rate up to 82 percent
● 20uA leakage protection threshold
● High flame retardant standard up to 750 centigrade
● 100 – 220V full voltage range
● Pass through plug test (5000 times)
● Non-slip pads on four feet
● Grind frosting top surface and mirror polishing treatment on side surface
● Nice appearance and simple for home use and decoration
● Product code: E-Y07-A4-301 / 125724201 / Jun 08th, 2016 (1) / Q/DXQMK001-2015 / 10243/04407190 / 6954176801876

Xiaomi XMCXB01QM Mini Power Strip Specifications
Name: Mi power strip (3 USB ports, 2А quick charge)
Model: XMCXB01QM
Standard: Q/DXQMK0001-2015
Case material:  high-quality thermo-resistant plactic;
Dimensions: 225х41х26 (mm)
Lenght: common lenght unclude cable: 1.8m
Weight: 300g (incl. cabel)
Input: 10А, 250V~
Output: 10А, 250V (электрическая розетка)
Power: 2500W
Input USB: 100-240V~, 50-60Hz, 0.5A
Output USB: 1 port USB, 5V—–2.1A(TYP), 3 ports, 5V—–3.1A (TYP)
Temperature range: -10С~+40C

Xiaomi XMCXB01QM Mini Power Strip Highligths

Safety. Overload protection: at a time when the current exceeds the limit, the device is automatically disconnected from the power supply, thus preventing an overload. After eliminating an emergency of overload, you can manually resume the power strip, by replacing a fuse.
Double protection. Double, triple independent lines of protection.
Heat resistance. high fire-resistant material, which complians to international standards, which slows down the spread of fire or even prevent the possibility of fire.
High performance. 3 USB ports for simultaneous charging of three devices. Compliance to international standards, each slot can be used for the same standard outlets with three flat prongs, two plugs and sockets for standard German with two round 4.8mm plugs. Stainless steel, new technology, low rate of increasing temperature of device.
Options. Integrated automatic chip, which have an ability to quickly recharge the 5V for most devices such as the Mi device, Apple, Samsung and others.
Quality. from well-known domestic brands for the production of electrical extension cords, «Mi Electronics» has made a huge breakthrough, providing a reliable guarantee of quality.

The total power capacity of the connected electrical equipment must not exceed rated power capacity of the device. It is forbidden to twist or tie a cable, do not use the device with a twisted cable to avoid abnormal overheating.Grounding front of intermittent or non-standard ground may entail a certain danger. Do not use in damp, wet areas. Do not disassemble the device and open its back cover. It is forbidden to use the device near the sources of fire, and a cord of the device must be kept away from heat sources.Please do not allow non-specialists to open, modify or repair this device. When the current exceeds 10A, overload protection switch disconnects the power, after removing powered devices, you can manually enable Mi Power Strip. Due to the short circuit, overload, and for other reasons that a USB port on the device goes into protection state, you can not normally charge other devices. Only after removal of defective devices or remove the problem, you can manually resume a power strip.

Package content
1 x XiaoMi XMCXB01QM  Power Strip
1 x Chinese User Manual.


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