Unboxing Xiaomi Solove F5 Rechargeable Portable Desktop Fan

Aug 31, 2021

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Xiaomi Solove F5 Highlights
– Simple design, no space.
– Small body and big energy, whether indoor or outdoor, enjoy the cool.
– Small volume and long battery life.
– 12 hours of continuous air supply, from morning to night, comfortable and cool.
– With a weight of only 522g and a battery capacity of 4000mAh, the continuous air supply time has also doubled.
– USB charging; TYPE-C Interface.
– Brushless copper core motor, light tone operation.

Xiaomi Solove F5 Features
– Selected ABS+PC material, resistant to pressure, beautiful and durable
– Switch, shaking head, wind speed adjustment, three functions, one-button operation
– 60 ° automatic shaking head, up and down 27 ° manual adjustment, large angle air supply
– USB charging mode, you can connect to desktop notebook, charging treasure, etc. through Type-C interface
– With a small volume of 522g, the built-in battery capacity is increased to 4000mAh. At full power, the first gear can continue to supply air for 12 hours
– Adopting brushless copper core motor, the performance is much better than ordinary motor, light tone operation, low speed and gentle speed shifting
– The front net can be removed to easily clean the fan regularly. The body should not be washed directly, please wipe it carefully with a wet tissue or a dry cloth.

Xiaomi Solove F5 Specs
Brand: Xiaomi / Mijia Solove
Model: F5 / F5-FAN
Material: ABS PC
Input Interface: TYPE-C
Input Charging Current: DC 5V-0.8A
Output Power: 5W
Battery Capacity: 3900-4000mAh
Working Time: about 3-12hours
Charging Time: about 6hours
Working Temperature: 37-50℃
Net Weight: about 522g
Product Size:134mm*180mm* 310.5mm
Color: White / Black / Pink
YP-SKU: 3020363
Product code: 6926786004831
Executive Standard: GB 4706.1-2005, GB 4706.27-2008

Package Content
1 x Xiaomi Solove F5 Rechargeable Portable Desktop Fan
1 x English / Chinese User Manual
1 x USB Type-C Cable



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