Unboxing Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z1

Dec 6, 2016

You can now buy Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z1 from Gearbest for only $53.

Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z1Buy it NOW for Gearbest.com only 53 USD

8H – 8 hours of good sleep. Every Great Day Starts the Night Before
– Environmentally safe material — use of natural latex
– Antibacterial coating (protection against ticks) — a material that is used in medicine
– Comfort — a comfortable and natural position of head and neck
– Rational price — only 1 / 3 of the market price for similar goods

8H — favorable conditions for your sleep
1 / 3 of our life we spend lying on the pillow
1 / 4 cases of insomnia are due to uncomfortable pillows

Years of efforts of our engineers 8H, 5000 people who have personally tested and slept on this pillow, a unique manufacturing technology, maximum comfort thanks to high-quality latex.
– Size: 60×40×13mm
– Evolon Latex
– “Breathing” holes
– Using juice from seven rubber trees to create a single latex pillow 8H

Natural gift of nature. Pure natural latex — the most suitable material for manufacturing of recognized quality pillows. To create 8H we used Malaysian natural pure latex, pillow filler weighing up to 1.3kg. Use of high technologies in manufacturing of 8H pillow allows you to save all the environmentally friendly properties, latex has a fresh scent and excellent elasticity. Maximum expression of all properties of natural rubber latex.
– Antibacterial
– Natural freshness
– Absence of formaldehyde
– “Breathing” cells (holes)

Creating a comfortable pillow 8H after testing and analyzing of 5000 different models. High level of elasticity comfortably supports proper position of head and neck. Natural latex in pillows 8H Z1 differs particularly by pleasant elasticity and high resilience, so under pressure of your body the pillow takes an appropriate form, and this ensures a high quality healthy sleep.

Hard pillow — pressure on the nerve endings at the back of the head. Too high pillow — damages the cervical vertebrae. Latex Pillow 8H — high level of elasticity, deep sleep. True relaxation, natural position of head and neck. Enjoy a deep and healthy sleep. Seamless latex pillow 8H supports a comfortable position of your head and neck, providing complete relaxation of muscles during sleep, causing you to toss and turn less at the middle of the night and remove all tiredness.
– Takes shape of human body
– Head pressure reduction
– Natural position of head and neck

8H Pillow best corresponds to peculiarities of human head and neck. Durability and use of high technologies of pillow molding. Any pose during sleep — no discomfort. Latex Pillow 8H has an ultra-high elasticity and a super strong resilience. After changing position during sleep, the pillow is adjusting to the new position of head and neck, and takes an appropriate form. The pillow does not sag and is very durable, since it is not deforming for a long time.
– Extremely high elasticity
– Extra high resilience

Has more than 10 000 bilateral “breathing” holes. Constantly ensuring healthy sleep. The pillow has more than 10 000 small “breathing” cells, which are releasing excess warmth and moistness. Thanks to special bilateral holes 8H, it has a twenty-four hour natural air conditioning system that promotes natural air circulation and healthy sleep.
– Air circulation
– No harm to the skin
– First-class front side material — protection from particles size of a micrometer
– Forget about ticks and enjoy a healthy deep sleep

German medical material, which protects against ticks. Protection from particles size in micrometer (um) to eliminate all bacteria. Protective material from ticks by German company Evolon, which is also often used in medical institutions. Fine protection from particles size less than 1 micron, such as demodex, dimension varies from 300—500mkm, and its excrement size20—40 microns. Pillowcase without chemical coating effectively prevents penetration and spread of demodex, bacteria and other harmful organisms that can pass through the fabric. Also, pillow is waterproof and prevents sweating.
– Protection from pests
– Waterproof
– Anti-allergic components

Nice look. Enjoy pleasant dreams. 8H — high-quality sleep. Studies have shown that pleasant soft colors are contributing to a better sleep. Outer side of our pillow has a nice beige color, which in a certain way helps to relax and fall asleep quickly.

It relaxes and provides comfort. Not every natural latex able to take its original shape after twisting. When we are creating 8H, we are providing for the first time a special case for a pillow. After twisting the pillow, its size is only ¼ of its original size, which is much more convenient during transportation. Moreover, we have also produced a special stylish gift box.
Note: products with not quite pure natural latex are not able to fully recover its original shape after twisting.

Creative ideas. Making the best pillows, as a result of tireless design work by our experts at the most affordable price: use of the best materials and latest technologies. We are fully devoted ourselves to the process.

Invisible zipper. Neat, strong, invisible zipper that will not hurt your skin. Multidimensional “breathing” holes. Multidimensional “breathing” holes maintain air circulation, your sleep becomes more enjoyable and strong. Microdefects of natural latex. Microdefects — is the main method by which you can check latex on its authenticity and naturalness. Case for storage. Aesthetic appearance, sleek design matches the quality of product

Value for money
1 / 3 of the market price
1 / 3 of the market price for similar goods
Good price and quality product

Lightweight packaging
Free shipping
Open the package
Carefully read instructions
Remove the pillow
Use a special unpacking card to open the package

Latex Pillow 8H Z1
Stylish and fashionable gift box
Great gift choice

Certification by worldwide organizations
All materials are tested for the presence of harmful substances

Oeko-Tex. Pillowcase testing — certification from the worldwide organization, which tests textiles
YUV. Certification from the upscale German organization for latex testing
ISPA. Certification from the prestigious organization for testing products for sleep
GDC. Certification from the Chinese organization for prevention of diseases and testing of protective materials from penetration of various pests

Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z1 Main characteristics
– Size: 600×400×130mm
– Filler: natural latex
– External material: protective material from ticks Evolon
– Weight: 1.3kg
– Color: Beige
– Functions: to maintain a comfortable body position / protective function against harmful organisms
– Warranty: 2 years
– Package size: 446×120×152mm
– Product code: 13534256612 / 11611144015856 / 13842/00036093 / SKU: YAJ4000RT / 6970272520374 / Q/321088GPM 003-2016 / GB/T 22843-2009 / GB18401-2010 B / 1871 211910

Package Content
1 x Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z1
1 x Special unpacking card (cutter)
1 x Chinese User Guide


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