Unboxing Xiaomi DWX01ZM Portable Mosquito Repeller

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The new Portable Mosquito Repeller has been launched under Xiaomi’s MIJIA or Smart Home, which is the rebranded Mi Eco-system. As the name suggests, the Portable Mosquito Repeller is a handy device to deal with mosquitoes. The Portable Mosquito Repeller can work when attached to power banks. Xiaomi is targeting users who like camping outdoor. MIJIA Portable Mosquito Repeller to last for up to 14 hours when plugged to Mi Power Bank 10000mAh, up to 15 hours when plugged to Mi Power Bank Pro 10000mAh, and up to 28 hours when plugged to Mi Power Bank 20000mAh. The device comes with heat resistant materials to make the cover, and PTC thermistors are used as well. The heating element is made of stainless steel.

Xiaomi DWX01ZM Portable Mosquito Repeller Features
● Notably lightweight. Handy size and clean design, measures about 4.6cm at diameter and weights 25g
● USB powered. Comes with a Micro USB slot and as a result, can be connected to a regular power bank
● A portable solution to mosquito problems. Designed for adventurous users who enjoy traipsing through a jungle with the handy gadget
● Heat-resistant and dust-proof. Made of heat resistant materials and PTC low-voltage thermistors, safe to use
● Twisty operation. Twist open the case and put in mosquito mat, twist to close the case and connect with USB power

Xiaomi DWX01ZM Portable Mosquito Repeller Specifications
Brand: Xiaomi
Model: DWX01ZM
Material: ABS
Form Color: Grey
Power: 2.2W
Rate Voltage: 5.0V
Power Adapter: USB
Dimensions: 1.81 in x 1.81 in x 0.79 in (4.6 cm x 4.6 cm x 2 cm)
Weight: 0.88 oz (25 g)
Product code: 517773 HHI-51773 / DjZJ9EFis
SKU: CTV4001CN / 11389/00020246 / 6970244520852
Standard: Q/320281DHR03-2016

1. Prohibited to throw, squeeze, independently disassemble and pierce the device.
2. Do not use in areas with high temperature or high humidity.
3. Do not drop the device to the fire, the water and do not expose it to aggressive liquids.
4. Prohibited to cover the device by any things because it hinders normal heat dissipation. This may cause breakage of the device or cause fire.
5. When using the device you need to install it on a heat resistant surface. Do not place the product in direct sunlight, on heating appliances, textiles and other
flammable surface.
6. Not recommended for children to use this device without adult supervision.
7. If you are not using the device, disconnect it from the power. After turning off the device for some time the temperature will be high enough. Be careful to not burn yourself.
8. We recommend to use plates Raid or Pest Rest trademarks. Timely replace the plate when it becomes completely white. Use a USB cable to connect fumigator to the Mi Power Bank or other portable chargers. When connected to a charger fumigator power indicator lights. If you do not use this device, scroll to upper panel until the power light fade out. Disconnect the USB cable from the device. If you don’t use a fumigator for a long time, turn it off from the power and keep the device properly.

Package content 
1 x Xiaomi Mosquito Repeller
1 x USB Cable
1 x Chinese Manual


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