The UK was added as a region in the app for UK Mi Fans & customers

Apr 1, 2019

Xiaomi fans now have the opportunity to quickly see promotions and request rapid support.

The rapidity with which this update has been made confirms the high degree of responsibility on this market. Unlike other markets, the uk market is a mature one. There is a high level of digital education. Fans have a digital experience and are ready to compare various services and offers.

I have noticed that it is aimed at forming a community that can offer free technical support. This attitude in a new market has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that the support can be of low quality. A person experiencing problems with a Xiaomi smartphone and receiving support from another person who has no experience can get a wrong opinion about the product. It is true that he takes a risk when calling a person who is not an official Xiaomi representative, but it is a discussion on an official communication channel.

I will carefully watch the pace at which the development of the online community will be supported by the development of an offline network of stores.

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