The Mi Band 4 NFC has launched in Russia

Jun 4, 2020

The Mi Band 4 NFC was listed on the official Xiaomi website in Russia

Mi Band 4 NFC

Global events in recent months and cyber attacks have led to additional caution in the field of payment services. Social distancing requires a reinvention of payment services. It is an inherent increase in online payments. But there is also an increase in the number of attacks by very strong groups. It is a necessary reinvention with a higher degree of responsibility.

Initially this product was released only for China. Its launch in Russia is a sign that a quick launch in other markets is desired. I understand that the first banking partner is Mastercard. Visa, Google Pay and PayPal will be added later.

Regardless of the banking partner you have chosen and the online payment methods used, my recommendation is to use two bank accounts. The first account should have maximum protection and connect to it only from double signature systems. Only connect from secure platforms and devices. Keep your savings in this account. For current payments on new devices and payment platforms use a secondary bank account. Keep only a minimum amount in this account.

It is normal to want to make payments quickly. But current means of payment are not very secure. Manufacturers and banks make great efforts to provide us with the most secure payment systems possible. But I can’t guarantee 100%. For now.

The launch of Mi Band 5 is scheduled for June 11. Global events in recent months have also forced the reinvention of new product launches. There is a synchronization between the launch of new products, the ability to adapt production and the results of research teams. This sync has been affected. It will take several months for it to sync again. For example, why buy MiBand 4 now if I know that in a week Mi Band 5 will appear. Possibly more expensive but certainly more efficient.

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