The first Mi Home in Romania will open in less than two weeks

Jan 31, 2018

The first Mi Home in Romania will open in less than two weeks according to a website in Romania

The only information currently available is a web page and a facebook page. Now we do not know what is behind this initiative The desire to unofficially open an Xiaomi online store. Or the desire to open the first Mi Home in Romania in direct collaboration with Xiaomi representatives.

mi Home Romania

It is known that in Eastern Europe products in China are currently enjoying low confidence. Responsible for this situation have some local merchants who have imported low-quality products at the lowest possible price. Buyers noticed the differences in time.

As far as I can tell, the store is located in the city of Sibiu. In Transylvania – a region of Romania with an economy above the country average. Nearby is Cluj – the city where the main IT companies in the country and abroad have their headquarters.

One thing is lonely. The potential of Xiaomi products attracts entrepreneurs from many countries. They started to be more open. They began to think seriously about a possible official collaboration with the great Chinese group. While some still think others have decided to join the Xiaomi team. I remember the entrepreneurs who opened the first Mi Home in India. It was a wise and profitable financial decision.

I’m sure Xioami is already on the market in Romania. They are known by some of the young technology enthusiasts. Perhaps in two weeks they will have the first MiHome in the country. There they will be able to test new products and teach them the new features.

I will follow the evolution of this project in Romania.

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