The biggest smart-home devices launch in India

Sep 6, 2019

Get ready for biggest smart-home devices launch in India! These intelligent devices will make your homes smarter.

When? September 17. Where? India – SmarterLiving.

This teaser confirms what I said. The world of smart home devices is repositioned around the TV. Smartphone on the go and TV at home.

I think the main product launched at this event is Redmi TV 70” – a modern and accessible interface for smart assistant XiaoAI. The TV monitor tends to become the main means of communication between human and IoT. Contrary to some publishers, the TV is more comfortable than the smartphone in this regard. Smartphone offers freedom of movement but inside a home or office the advantages offered by the TV are clearly superior.

I expect Xiaomi to also launch the usual smart products or to come up with new models where the existing ones can easily communicate with each other.

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