xiaomi news
14 Aug 2017

Mi MIX – almost the whole front side is occupied by a screen with a resolution of 1080×2040   … read article

9 Jun 2017

This firmware is only for Mi Mix Smartphone Smartphone with Snapdragon 821 as CPU. You can now buy   … read article

xiaomi news
26 Apr 2017

Yesterday was an important day for Xiaomi fans in Russia. After 6 months, the RDC company sold some   … read article

8 Mar 2017

Lei Jun head of Xiaomi has stated that they are working on a new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2   … read article

16 Dec 2016

Xiaomi fans in china believes Mi Mix 2 should feature a 99% screen coverage across the front One   … read article

28 Nov 2016

The next flash sale for the Xiaomi Mi MIX will take place this coming Tuesday, November 29th, at   … read article

21 Nov 2016

Xiaomi is selling the Mi Mix in China only. It doesn’t support LTE bands for service in the   … read article

17 Nov 2016

What do you do when you meet a maximum quality review? You keep for yourself and get information   … read article

17 Nov 2016

I recommend you see Jerry’s conclusions about Xiaomi Mi Mix. Can the Xiaomi Mi Mix stand up to   … read article

11 Nov 2016

Xiaomi hundreds of fans are waiting in front of a store in China to buy Mi Mix and   … read article