26 Jan 2017

Facebook Inc. hired Hugo Barra to lead its virtual reality efforts just days after he quit Xiaomi. “I’m   … read article

23 Jan 2017

Hugo Barra announced on Facebook that he’ll be leaving Xiaomi and returning to Silicon Valley. Barra says that   … read article

10 Jan 2017

“There’s a huge audience of tech enthusiasts here,” Hugo Barra told CNET, who served as Google’s Android VP   … read article

23 Aug 2016

Hugo Barra, who oversees the Chinese company’s international expansion, has signaled Xiaomi ’s U.S. debut before. “The U.S.   … read article

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15 Jul 2016

Hugo Barra in this interview with FactorDaily talks to lifestyle editor Ramarko Sengupta about Xiaomi’s ‘bold’ moves and   … read article