Smartphone plus AIoT dual-engine strategy

Oct 10, 2019

Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder and chief executive, said in a statement on Monday that the latest quarterly results showed a satisfactory start to the implementation of the company’s “smartphone plus AIoT dual-engine strategy”, which covers increased handset sales in overseas markets as well as development of new artificial intelligence and IoT opportunities. “Looking ahead, we will be investing 10 billion yuan in the development of ‘All in AIoT’ in the next five years,” Lei said. (source

This statement comes at a time when Xiaomi is facing new challenges.

The first challenge is the possibility of launching on the US market due to the problems that another Asian smartphone manufacturer has in the US. Xiaomi is extremely cautious. Will you take advantage of this opportunity?

The second challenge is for the people who invested in Xiaomi. I remind you that last year there were heated discussions on this topic. Some have sold. Others waited. Will you be able to convince them to wait?

There is a connection between the two challenges. If it manages to officially enter the US market, it will attract new investments. Investments that allow them to achieve their goal.

In the last weeks we have been witnessing the launch of new products. It’s a small stage. The products that will make the difference are in the testing stage. It is important to find the necessary funds until they are launched.

Until then, I recommend you purchase the current Xiaomi products using discount coupons and learn how to use them all.

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