ShowSee A8 was launched at MiOT Crowdfunding Platform

Jun 20, 2020

MiOT crowdfunding platform has launched ShowSee high-speed hair dryer A8 – the high-speed hairdryer which supports 55° temperature. ShowSee high-speed A8 hair dryer is equipped with a high-speed brushless digital motor with 90,000rpm/min.

ShowSee A8

It is worth mentioning that the all-around three-dimensional air intake technology by ShowSee A8 is very outstanding. With the help of 13 turbo blades, the hairdryer is capable of generating the airflow of 17 m/s.

ShowSee high-speed hair dryer A8 adopts a disassembling design. This facility will allow it to be used even by people on the go or to be stored in tight spaces.

I asked my daughter what additional function she would like this product to have. She wants to have several hairstyle models available from which she can choose one every morning. Analyzing children’s imagination is a long-term marketing exercise.

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