Safely Keeping Multimedia Media Memories With Capsule

Capsule she asks: Where do you keep your photos and personal video recordings? I am safe? Do you have them on your smartphone, tablet, computer, videoprojector, tv?

We need to learn how to keep our memories safe. Photos and video recordings. I understand two things in safety. First of all I understand not to lose – I lost my 5 years photos when an external hard drive broke. Second, I pay attention to privacy. I do not want personal photos to get into the online environment. I do not have the habit of photographing my wife in sexy but intimate photos. There are family photos. I want to preserve my right to decide for myself what the photos are making public and what photos I keep only for myself.


I hope you understand why the Capsule claims are extremely high. It’s not a simple backup system. It is a complex backup site that can be controlled by the Capsule application directly from the Internet. No need to fiddle with IP addresses or LAN setups.

The Capsule Creators have carefully analyzed our expectations, requirements and possibilities. I say possibilities because it is known that we are messy. We take photos that we watch in the smartphone’s memory and then watch them. Eventually we lose them. The Capsule application runs in the background 24 h / 7 and saves them in capsules. It’s a backup instantly.


Another useful feature is the ability to track what photos we use on social networks. Capsule can even download images stored in Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox. I know people who thought Facebook uploaded photos are safe. I’m not safe. They also understand after Facebook has permanently blocked their accounts.

The Capsule application has several search facilities for people, places, events, dates, even objects. On the desktop app, you can export or drag the search result into a folder for processing & printing.

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by Tudorel - date 3 Dec 2017

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