Rice at Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform

May 29, 2018

Xiaomi and its Ecological Chain Partners continue rapid developing of grocery products at the Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform. Rice – Chinese traditions and unique taste.

rice xiaomi

Rice contains starch, protein and a lot of vitamins (B — B1, B2, niacin, B6 group). In addition, it contains potassium, enough zinc, iron, phosphorus, iodine, and calcium. It is considered a symbol of health and prosperity. Some people think that it brings luck and longevity.

The moment I looked at the photograph with this product involuntarily, I thought of my friend’s Unboxing category. What would you say if you found a box of rice in a package with a Xiaomi product? If we are still talking about high-quality Chinese products at low prices, I would help them feel China. I would send a package of rice accompanied by all the ingredients necessary to cook it according to a traditional Chinese recipe.

In psychology courses it is mentioned that memories are based on smell and taste. This was successfully used in marketing. What if the topping up of a top product would be associated with a rich smell of rice? We are people. Even if we were talking about performance technology and trying to imagine how it will be tomorrow.

Question. Why are Xiaomi’s just techological products? Why not have a food district?

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