Redmi K50G debuts in Mainland China

Feb 20, 2022

Redmi today announced Redmi K50G in Mainland China. Made for gamers, Redmi K50G represents top-notched gaming performance as a part of this year’s Redmi K series, starting from RMB 3,299.

Equipped with the latest generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 flagship mobile platform, Redmi K50G adopts a groundbreaking heat dissipation solution which separates heat sources, and features dual-zone temperature control. Combined premium heat dissipation components such as dual vapor chambers and large-area graphite, Redmi K50G ensures powerful, cool, and stable gaming performance for users. With dedicated gaming buttons on the side of the device, Redmi K50G features a series of upgrades that will take smartphone gaming to the next level—including industry-leading JBL quad speakers, latest generation CyberEngine X-axis motor 1016, bigger battery, 120W fast charging, and more.

Speed-inspired design
With a design inspired by sport automobiles, Redmi K50G features a streamlined body with well-crafted details. The overall design of the smartphone has a strong element surrounding built around an “X” shape – with subtle but powerful visual touches on the camera frame, speaker openings, notification lights, and volume keys. Redmi K50G has sharp lines, lightning emblazoning, and a 16 million-color notification light built into the camera module.

Performance-maxed with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 + LPDDR5 + upgraded UFS 3.1
Redmi K50G sports the Snapdragon 8 flagship mobile platform, which utilizes latest generation 4nm process technology, with upgrades in CPU, GPU, AI, ISP, and more. With a significant upgrade, GPU performance is a 52% increase compared to Snapdragon 888. Redmi K50G also features LPDDR5 and upgraded UFS 3.1 for maximum storage speeds and read-write performance.

The new Redmi K50G heat dissipating solution separates heat sources such as processor and charging components, improving heat dissipation when playing intensive games even while charging.

Heat dissipation materials used in Redmi K50G are also among the best in class. The revolutionary dual vapor chambers are made of stainless steel with a total area as high as 4,860mm², covering up to 40% of the device. With seven major innovations and five new material improvements, Redmi K50G’s all-round heat dissipation system enables ultra-smooth and stable gaming.

Redmi K50G provides a swift charging experience with 120W wired charging, capable of charging to 100% in 17 minutes*, it also offers a large 4,700mAh battery with high-efficiency dual pump and MTW technology for exceptional battery experience.

Maximized viewing experience with flat DisplayMate A+ gaming display
Redmi K50G utilizes one of the best displays for superb viewing and gaming. Ranked A+ by DisplayMate, it supports 10-bit color with JNCD≈0.18, offering accurate color reproduction for users. Along with 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz touch sampling rate, 1,920Hz PWM color adjustment, TrueColor, MEMC technology, and extremely precise touch sensitivity, Redmi K50G ensures users stay on top of the game.

Redmi K50G’s upgraded dedicated gaming buttons ensure high-performance gaming, with a total of eight pop-up magnets improving button stability. The button fretting has been upgraded to silicone, which rebounds faster and reduces finger fatigue after long periods of gaming. Dedicated gaming buttons now also support customization, allowing users to customize hotkeys as they wish.

Maximum immersion with CyberEngine X-axis motor 1016, JBL quad speakers, and improved network connection
Aside from core performance, Redmi K50G also offers an elevated overall user experience, encompassing aspects such as vibrations, audio and connectivity. Redmi K50G is the world’s first device equipped with CyberEngine X-axis motor 1016, currently a leader in size amongst Android X-axis motors. It adopts the latest ESA integrated multi-pole magnetic steel structure, and has a super transient vibration of 5.12Gpp, far exceeding that of many competing products. The 1016 motor vibration frequency covers 50Hz-500Hz, which can achieve a richer vibration effect. MIUI has also customized 95 daily scenarios to take advantage of this motor’s performance.

Redmi K50G quad speakers improve beyond standard dual speaker design, adding an independent tweeter on each side to complement treble and effectively extending the frequency response range to 12,000Hz. The dual 1115 subwoofers and dual 0611 tweeters form a quad speaker for a richer stereo sound.

Redmi K50G is equipped with three Wi-Fi antennas, enhancing gaming. With further improved anti-interference and low-latency optimization algorithms, it can effectively reduce game latency by 30% compared to traditional dual Wi-Fi antennas. Redmi K50G also supports WiFi 6E, providing faster connection and network stability.

Redmi K50G triple camera features a 64MP Sony IMX686 main camera alongside a 120-degree ultra-wide lens and a macro lens. Redmi K50G has also upgraded IR functions, doubling the power of conventional infrared and supports a wider angle and longer distance, further improving practicality. It also comes with multi-functional NFC, supporting transportation cards in more than 300 Chinese cities, Mi Pay, door cards, and other functions.

Redmi K50G Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team Edition
For this generation, Redmi also partnered with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, to present a special edition Redmi K50G. This 12GB+256GB variant incorporates design elements of the AMG Petronas team, as well as featuring a special retail gift box with 120W GaN charger included.

In Mainland China, Redmi K50G is available in black, blue, and silver, and priced at RMB 3,299 for 8GB+128GB variant, RMB 3,599 for 12GB+128GB variant, and RMB 3,899 for 12GB+256GB variant. Redmi K50G Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team Edition is priced at RMB 4,199.

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