Redmi A1 Series: Our Most Affordable 2022 Smartphone

Sep 23, 2022

Xiaomi today announced Redmi A1 Series, new Redmi entry-level smartphones with stylish design and versatile features, aiming to provide an excellent experience at a price under USD 100.

With a 6.52’’ HD+ large display at 1600×720 resolution, both Redmi A1 and Redmi A1+ offer immersive experience when watching videos or gaming. For extended viewing, the devices offer Dark theme and Night Light mode, which help prevent eye strain.

Redmi A1 Series is equipped with an 8MP main camera paired with an auxiliary lens¹ to enable portrait shots, and a 5MP front camera. Both rear and front cameras are loaded with versatile modes including portrait, short video and time-lapse, offering users diverse shooting options. The smartphone is also packed with a large 5,000mAh battery and 10W charging, effortlessly lasting through daily use.

In terms of performance, Redmi A1 Series are powered by MediaTek Helio A22, which ensures enough performance to run apps, support the high resolution display, and power efficiency. Additionally, it also supports expandable storage up to 1TB, which frees up space on-device for additional data storage.²

While Redmi A1 Series has an impressive hardware price-to-performance ratio, it also has a notable design. Inheriting family design from Redmi Note Series, Redmi A1 Series come in Black, Light Green, and Light Blue, all with a stylish flat-frame design. Accentuated by a clean, minimalistic curved back, its leather-like texture resists fingerprint smudges and marks. In addition, Redmi A1+ comes equipped with advanced and responsive rear fingerprint sensor for quick unlocking.

Redmi A1 Series will be offered in two models, Redmi A1 and Redmi A1+, with two storage configurations for both smartphones: 2GB+32GB and 3GB+32GB. Available at a recommended retail price of USD 89, pricing may vary between markets. Redmi A1 Series sales starts today through Xiaomi official sales channels.

¹ Auxiliary lens refers to QVGA lens with an active pixel array of 248 x 328.

² Actual support and compatibility of memory cards may vary between manufactures.

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