Product innovation and the future of TWS devices

Jul 29, 2020

“We believe that in 2-3 years the computing ability of TWS headsets will equal that of smartphones 10 years ago turning them from a tool merely playing sounds into a powerful information processing unit, even independently from smartphones,” predicted Chuangqi Li, Senior Product Director of Ecosystem at Xiaomi.

In the smart era, the smartphone is considered the dominant device. It is the tool kit of our era. It contains everything you need to communicate with your favorite smart devices. It contains applications that help us have a more comfortable and efficient lifestyle.

According to recent analyzes, another smart device is approaching this dominant position. A device with disadvantages due to its small size and advantages due to its ease of use. According to these studies, the battle for this dominant position will take place in the future depending on how quickly it will send us a message. Which device manages to send us the most efficient message. Without disturbing the activity we have at that moment.

The fastest means of communication is through a voice message. A short, complete and accurate message. The main disadvantage is the inability to respond as effectively. An alternative is for our answer to be sent with another voice message. It is an alternative with many inconveniences.

At this time, I believe that the smartphone will maintain its dominant position in terms of interacting with several options and sending confidential messages. Other devices can receive messages more efficiently.

By Tudor
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