Power In Your Hand, Upcoming Redmi Smartphone Launch

This is the message with which Xiaomi India announced that the next Redmi smartphone is gonna be launched in India soon.

New Redmi Smartphone is hopefully going to launch in Mumbai on 11th of May .What are your Expectations?

india redmi

When one of the main local teams begins to express their dissatisfaction it is advisable to be heard. Xiaomi understood this. The Xiaomi team in India has confirmed its value and India’s market has a growing potential. If Xiaomi wishes to increase its number of units sold in India, it must be more accountable to this market. Those who watched what smartphones Xiaomi has released over the last few weeks you know what i mean. The rest of you can find out here what i mean

I have read so many different opinions about the Xiaomi team in India that sometimes they come to ask me who is the best. We are different. We think differently. We behave differently. But they manage to impose their point of view without letting themselves engage in unnecessary discussions. While many of us fail to distance ourselves from negative news. The final result counts.

This is a special news for the Xiaomi team in India. It is a confirmation that their voice is heard by Xiaomi. It is heard and listened. Those who have the best team will win. The final is only for those who will know to support real performance and less unrealistic marketing strategies.

Now, we just have to wait and see the features of the Redmi smartphone that will be released in Mumbai. I’ve seen some speculation. It’s just speculation. For now I prefer to wait.

by Bayan Temur - date 8 May 2017

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