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Jun 2, 2016

Xiaomi MIUI8 – All stock apps now feature a new, colorful redesign but alongside the fresh coat of paint, there are some interesting new features.

Xiaomi miui8

About Xiaomi MIUI

MIUI (which stands for Mi User Interface and pronounced “Me You I”, a play on the common abbreviation of the words user interface as UI), developed by Xiaomi Tech, is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablet computers based on the Google Android operating system. MIUI includes various features such as theming support. Xiaomi has released various smartphones, all of which come pre-installed with a complete version of MIUI. This includes various apps and features not available in the aftermarket version of MIUI. Other than supporting their in-house smartphones and tablets, Xiaomi also offers MIUI to be flashed on other smartphone brands such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, One Plus and Nexus. On February 24, 2016, Xiaomi said that the MIUI ROM had over 170 million users worldwide, and was supported on over 340 handsets.

Xiaomi MIUI8 changelog

– Multi-window support: some apps like WeChat and QQ will support multi-window user interface to make use of the available screen.
– New Xiaomi font: The company has made a custom Chinese font to offer better mobile reading. It contains 27,533 characters.
– Wallpaper carousel: the app will send beautiful images to the lock and homescreen daily. Users will be able to choose from over 12 categories.
– New Gallery: The Xiaomi MIUI8 gallery has been heavily revamped and now supports doodles, filters, stickers, cropping and music video creation. Swiping from the bottom allows users to quickly share the final result.
– Note templates, new calculator: the Notes app has been given new templates, while the Calculator app now supports advanced calculations and conversions.
– Scanner: the Camera app has a new Scanner feature, which generates WeChat/Alipay QR codes. It allows you to scan products in brick-and-mortar shops for buying them online later on. A neat feature is the ability to solve and later share math problems via a QR code generated on the fly.
– Power saving and security: MIUI8 is able to detect scam and fraud messages and limit chain start-ups from unessential apps. Finally, the Power saving mode freezes background app activity and can suspend app syncing, updates and background tasks.Xiaomi MIUI8 will be available for all Redmi and Mi Note series as well as the Mi 2, 2S, 3, 4, 4C, 4S, 5 and Max.  The actual beta ROM will be released on June 1. On June 17, the company will launch a MIUI8 Developer ROM.
You can download the Xiaomi MIUI8 Alpha build from here.


Xiaomi MIUI8 Alpha details

– Installed on Xiaomi Mi 4W.
– Android version: 6.0.1 MMB28M
– MIUI version: MIUI 8 by 6.5.31 Beta
– Baseband version: MPSS.DI.4.0-b8b722c
– Kernel version: 3.4.0-gf4b741d-00581-g8ae9d43
– Build number: MMB28M

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