New wireless handheld vacuum cleaner at Crowdfunding Platform

Sep 18, 2019

MiOT Ecosystem partner Shun Zao has launched the new wireless handheld vacuum cleaner at Crowdfunding Platform.

The suction power of such a small device can reach up to 12000Pa, that is equal to some car vacuum cleaners at the same price range. That’s why it can easily inhale paper scraps, crumbs, and hair. Another important parameter is the battery life. The model features three 2000mAh high-performance lithium batteries to provide the battery life up to 30 minutes. The model is equipped with the USB Type-C charging interface. The full charge takes about 3 hours.

The design in the form of glass does not seem to be one of the best choices. I would prefer to be a model adapted to the shape of the palm to allow a comfortable use.

I am still waiting for a modern vacuum cleaner for the floor of smaller dimensions that has the function of autonomous emptying of the collected garbage.

By Tudor
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