New Products by Xiaomi: Smart Pet Feeder

Jun 14, 2019

MiOT Ecosystem Partner FURRY TAIL has launched the crowdfunding for Smart Pet Feeder

Feeding the pet when we leave home is a problem. If we want to have a cheerful vacation we can leave them to friends or in special pet centers. But what can we do when we leave for a short period of time?

Smart Pet Feeder

I have friends who have provided their home with various gadgets that they communicate with dogs left alone at home. Communicate with him. They see on the monitors. Dogs quickly learned that the monitor is the image of his friends. But how do I feed them? How do you give them food?

Smart Pet Feeder

  • a smart house must also contain elements to help our younger friends. Xiaomi and his partner give us an example.
  • the bowl has a weight sensor so you will know how much your pet has eaten.
  • the IR sensor monitors the residual information about food.
  • the capacity of the reservoir is 4 liters which will be enough to keep 2kg of kibble food.
  • the bowl is made of 304 stainless steel that is easy to clean and prevents the bacteria growth.

This is the type of news I expect from Xiaomi. A useful gadget. A gadget that will give me safety. A gadget with features that can be monitored with an application installed on your smartphone.

Regardless of the facilities that a pet gadget will be able to offer, I recommend you take additional measures. A pet remains an animal. There is always a probability of something unpredictable. You can leave a spare key to a trusted friend.

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