New Products by Xiaomi: Mijia Walking Treadmill

May 2, 2019

Mijia Walking Treadmill features folding design and occupies less than half a square meter unfolded.

Mijia Walking Treadmill

The thickness of the device is 12.9cm, so it can be easily placed under the bed or sofa. Walking Treadmill uses the lightweight aluminum alloy molding skeleton – the weight of the whole machine is only 28 kg. The weight limit is up to 90 kg. The model comes with remote control for convenient operation. The fastest speed is 6 km/hour – an aerobic quick walk.

The treadmill speed can be changed manually by means of a hand-held, automatic remote control thanks to a smart sensor under the belt or with XiaoAI assistant.

The results can be monitored with an application and displayed in a corner on the TV screen.

This is the configuration that I expect from the new Xiaomi products. There is the possibility of connecting them. There is the possibility of communicating with each other. There is a possibility to form a team to help us be more efficient.

I expect the next version to contain a minimum set of medical information. I know this topic is extremely delicate, but many people get to doctors when it’s too late.

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