New Products by Xiaomi: Mi Mural TV 65”

May 2, 2019

This premium-quality TV uses 4K display by Samsung. The device itself is very thin – the thickness is only 13.9mm. The construction of TV is suitable only for wall mounting. It uses a special wall mounting that perfectly fits the wall and doesn’t leave extra space between wall and TV panel.

Mi Mural TV 65

The model supports a special mode called “Classic Artwork”. It transforms your TV into the artwork in a frame, showing a large number of classic works of 45 artists. The TV connects to the power source by one cable.

Though only 13.9mm thick, Mi Mural TV 65” offers excellent image quality by adopting a 65” Samsung 4K panel. Enjoy uncompromised audio quality with a dedicated SoundBar and subwoofer pair that supports Dolby and DTS-HD. Powered by a quad-core 64-bit flagship processor, 2GB+32GB RAM and storage, along with Xiaomi’s own PatchWall OS interface, Mi Mural TV 65” ensures a smooth and stable user experience.

Mi Mural TV 65” is the first Mi TV that uses far-field microphone technology, so users can activate voice control features even at a distance. Users can search for movies, check weather, control other smart home products without using a mic-enabled remote control—users can even activate the embedded XiaoAi AI Assistant when the TV is turned off. Mi Mural TV 65” also acts as a display and a control hub for compatible smart home products, allowing users to view the status of Mi Ecosystem devices such as Mi Rice Cooker, Mi Walking Pad, and even see who’s at your door when you have a camera-enabled smart doorbell installed.

Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, said: “Large home appliances will be one of the core businesses for Xiaomi in the decade to come. We want to turn more household appliances into smart and connected devices, just like the change we brought to the mobile phone industry nine years ago.”

This statement certifies the high level of intuition of the Xiaomi group over the next level of IoT. The Smartphone offers you facilities for people on the move. But smart people need these facilities in some real estate. I will return to this subject.

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