New Product: Multifunctional Travel Charger IDMIX MR Charger CH06

Jan 14, 2020

Multifunctional Travel Charger IDMIX MR Charger CH06 10,000 mAh It is ideal for people who have maximum demands from the smartphone.

MR Charger CH06

This product is especially recommended for those who travel frequently to countries from other continents. With this charger he has access to all power systems. No longer needs adapters.

MR Charger CH06

Even though it is a charger intended especially for laptop owners it can be successfully used including for charging the smartphone. Is small. It’s simple to use. It’s perfect. Increasing demands from phones inevitably lead to the need to recharge the battery. Attention – the adapters are sold separately.

The MR Charger CH06 was manufactured by IDMix. It measures 121x66x31mm and weighs only 290 grams. The built-in battery capacity is 10,000 mAh. Integrates two ports: a USB-A and USB Type C. Ambii conectori acceptă o putere de până la 18 wați in modul powerbank si de 30 de wați când sunt conectați la rețea. De asemenea, acceptă încărcarea wireless cu o putere de 10 wați.

So far, we have not found information regarding the protection facilities for voltage variations. Does this device offer us an added peace of mind? In more select locations fluctuations are rarer, but if we move away from them surprises are quite common. I know people who destroyed their laptops in mountainous accommodation spaces due to the local electricity network.

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