New Product: Mi Portable Wireless Mouse

Jan 15, 2020

Xiaomi has launched Mi Portable Wireless Mouse in black and white options.

Mi Portable Wireless Mouse elegantly combines the three main requirements of a wireless mouse: ergonomic design, battery life and tracking accuracy.

Mi Portable Wireless Mouse

All comments on the ergonomics of a mouse are subjective. We have hands of different sizes. Some have longer fingers. Others have smaller fingers. Some have thicker fingers. Others have thinner ones. The final model is a compromise. It is impossible to thank all of us. A friend specializing in smart equipment jokingly said he was expecting the first multi-dimensional mouse model – as in fashion.

Xiaomi claims that the new mouse gives us excellent tracking accuracy and smooth cursor control. From my own experience I say that these two characteristics depend a lot on the performance of the computer or laptop to which it is used and on the quality of the battery.

The mouse connects over a 2.4GHz RF network using a USB receiver connected to your laptop or computer. The pooling rate of 125Hz. For this reason it is not recommended for gamers with maximum expectations from this device.


Product Name: Mi Portable Wireless Mouse
Product dimensions: 102*58*34mm
Gross weight: 78g
Net weight: 56g
Materials: ABS
Colors: white / black
Physical Buttons: 5 buttons, 2 – way scroll wheel
Battery Capacity : AA battery *1
Battery life: 12 monts
Certifcations : WPC
Wireless Connection : RF 2.4 Ghz private control
Resolution : 1200DPI
Polling rate: 125 Hz

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