Momoda 3D Head Massager was launched at MiOT Crowdfunding Platform

Sep 15, 2020

MiOT crowdfunding platform has launched Momoda 3D Head Massager of three zones – neck, head, and eyes.

Momoda 3D Head Massager has 7 massage heads which press major acupoints like Chengguang and Baihui. The Momoda massager can be controlled through Mijia App. In the App the user can adjust heat temperature, select massage mode, and set up a massage time.

Personally, I think this product has a serious design problem. I do not deny the advantages of massage by temperature or vibrations at high frequencies in points taken from acupuncture. But I draw attention to the fixed shape of this device. We are very different. Fashion experts have admitted countless times that it is impossible to group us in various standard sizes. We have different shapes and sizes.

The outer casing has a fixed shape. The interior surface is too small to accommodate all requirements.

The second drawback is how to use it. The massage headset and the smartphone application are not comfortable. If I put on my headset, how do I use the application? How do I adapt the massage to my own requirements?

I’m waiting for the next model.

By Tudor
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