MIUI – Xiaomi’s firmware for smartphones and tablet computers : 7th Anniversary

MIUI is one of the most widespread firmware in a world. Happy 7th birthday MIUI!


When i say that Xiaomi educates us financially, i know what i say. Xiaomi is different from other technology manufacturers. Their main purpose is not to attract us to buy a product or service. Their main purpose is to keep us as close as possible and educate ourselves financially. The more financially educated the more we save the money. Money we can use to buy other products.

Does it seem easy? It is easy only at the theoretical level. At the practical level it is quite difficult. It’s hard for those with short or medium-term business plans. For those with long-term business plans it’s easy. In the short term, each generation wants to achieve maximum profit. In the long run, each generation prepares the ground for the next generation. It’s a difference in mentality. Understood by few people.

There is an important detail. A financially educated customer can make a difference between a Xiaomi product and a competitor product. He knows what to follow. He knows what to base his purchasing decision. Yes. It’s a risky attitude. But it is the attitude on which new marketing is currently being built.

Xiaomi do everything possible to let your old smartphone to use a new version of the update MIUI

Xiaomi’s firmware for smartphones and tablet computers : 7th Anniversary. Happy 7th birthday MIUI!

Understand? If we want to update our MIUI, we are not obliged to change our smartphone. We are not forced to invest in a smartphone that we can use for only a few years. We invest in a smartphone that we can sell in a few years. It can be used. We sell it or we make it a present. The important thing is we do not throw it in the garbage.

Beyond all technology talks, Xiaomi means family. The same rules apply on the basis of mutual respect.

by Bayan Temur - date 17 Aug 2017

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