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Dec 7, 2017

Do you want a smart home safe? It means you need to MiJia Smart Home.

MiJia Smart Home

From discussions on various social networks we came to the conclusion that many people do not know what the advantages of a smart home are. They continue to believe that this technology is very expensive. I think it’s too expensive for them. They complain about the lack of time but refuse to document the benefits of a smart home.

I said a few times. I want smart publishers to come up with examples more often. Show examples how these gadgets can help. How can we help us save time. Our expectations are rising. To be more effective we need help. A smart home is available to everyone.

When I was little I played with lego pieces. Assemble them. We were putting the piece near the track and getting objects. Today I behave the same way. Assembled. I like to assemble gadgets between them. I love to look for ways to combine them. I play. Exact. I play. I play in my own smart house.

A gadget is a smart pet You have to take care of it. You have to make sure you get the new software version as fast as possible. I have noticed that many users neglect this extremely important issue and then have problems. No gadget is guilty. They are guilty of neglecting him. They left him with an old version. A new version offers new features. And, what is extremely important, offers higher security.

Do you have a smart home? How many intelligent objects do you have in your home? Are they connected to each other?

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