MiJia Smart Camera: an IP camera perfect for your holiday home

MiJia Smart Camera is ideal for those who want to know what is happening in the holiday home when they are not there.

For objective reasons there are people who want to complement the classic burglar alarm system with a video monitoring system. Especially at holiday homes. When it comes to an alarm, the first desire is to find out whether there is a false or real alarm. The fastest is checked with a video surveillance system. Until recently. Now other verification options have appeared.

I think i’ll order an MiJia Smart Camera myself. I want to check who feels first when i get into the office. IP camera or motion detector from the alarm system? One of the advantages of this room is that we can mount it wherever we want it. We can include camouflage through various decorating customs.

MiJia Smart Camera

MiJia Smart Camera is one of these amazing and useful devices. It is equipped with a BSI CMOS sensor, which, as compared to an original CMOS sensor, has a higher sensitivity to light, therefore reduces noise more effectively when shooting in low lighting conditions. The camera is capable of shooting Full HD at 20 frames per second and a 130-degree field of view allows it to cover most of your room.

MiJia Smart Camera is equipped with an IR-sensor, providing visibility up to 10 meters at night. It also sports a motion sensor. The camera will alert you of that by having images sent to your smartphone. The sensor can detect motion from up to 15 meters, which is more than enough for an average room.

The camera comes with a microphone and a speaker as well. That lets you not only hear what is going on in the room but also communicate with people in there.

After the setup, the camera will record and save the video on a micro SD card. If you synchronize MiJia Smart Camera with the Mi Cloud through an app the videos will be automatically saved in the cloud. The camera does not have its own battery and uses micro USB cable to work.

MiJia Smart Camera characteristics:

• 1080p Full HD resolution
• BSI technology
• 130-degree FOV
• Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
• Built-in microphone and speaker
• Night vision up to 10 m distance
• Motion detection up to 15 m distance
• 64GB memory card support

by Bayan Temur - date 8 May 2017

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