MIDC (Xiaomi Developer Conference) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia

Sep 10, 2019

The event attracted a large number of local start-ups and individual developers who came to share their ideas on how to build the local Internet ecosystem and improve Internet services. With Indonesia being a key overseas market for Xiaomi, Xiaomi’s Android-based OS MIUI has more than 24 million monthly active users here. MIDC Indonesia focused on highlighting the advantages of working within the Xiaomi ecosystem and empowering local developers.

Supporting high-quality users is something that allows Xiaomi to achieve these impressive numbers. In order to allow more users to enjoy games, Xiaomi has established an innovative game distribution strategy which combines traditional promotion channels (Google Play and App Store) with Xiaomi’s platforms and integrated payment and monetization solutions. Mint Games, a one-stop distribution lab for casual and indie games has been launched by Xiaomi as well. Handing over games to this platform allows the developers to transition from business development to profitability in an easy and seamless way.

The way Xiaomi is developing is an example that deserves to be taken over by other tech producers. The lack of traditional advertising budgets is known. Instead, they constantly come to meet potential collaborators. They create products and invest in developing activities where they can be used at a high level. Xiaomi helps its partners to make effective use of the technological possibilities available to their products.

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