Mi Smart Home Security Kit was introduced to manage a smart house with comfort and ease

Xiaomi Smart Sensors Could Be Featured in the “In the name of the people” – a sensational TV series about China’s anti-corruption campaign.

Xiaomi he imagined what the main characters of the series would talk about had they taken a minute out of political discussions and just shared ordinary life experience with each other over a cup of tea.

Mi Smart Home Security Kit

Gao Yuliang: “Secretary Li Dakang, a few days ago I bought Mi Smart Home Security Kit. And from what I can see it can do I think it we could make a good use of it in our further operations.”
Secretary Li Dakang: “Let me pour another cup of tea for myself and then I am all ears.”
Gao Yuliang: “Well, Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Security Kit is a set of smart home devices consisting of a multifunctional gateway, a motion sensor, a door and window sensor, a smart Wi-Fi outlet (Zig Bee version) and a wireless switch.”

Secretary Li Dakang: “Look at the packaging! You can immediately tell that a lot of work was put into it: it is well-done and the choice of color could not be more engaging. Red symbolizes positive reforms in the country!”
Gao Yuliang: “Mi Smart Home Security Kit was a complete surprise for my Birthday. I should say that not all modern devices are that functional.”
Secretary Li Dakang: “Tell me what does it do? What is so special about it?”

Gao Yuliang: “Secretary, the big-sized device in this set is a multifunctional gateway. It connects other smart devices together and also functions as a night light and Internet radio.”

And these are door and window opening sensors. They look small but they make a big difference in the smart home system. Let’s say, you wake up in the morning and leave the house to have some fresh air. Once you close the front door the air purifier in your bedroom is signaled to turn on. Or when you open the door into your child’s bedroom the alarm clock starts ringing to wake up your kid. Since you travel a lot, you need to protect your home from burglaries somehow. If someone breaks in, the alarm will be activated and you will receive a notification on your smartphone.“

Gao Yuliang: “Then we have a smart Wi-Fi outlet Mi Smart Home Socket (Zigbee version). The socket allows you to turn on/off your electrical appliances using your smartphone even if you are far from home. With the Mi Home app you can schedule on/off time of the Wi-Fi outlet to avert the danger of fire in case of device’s overheating.”

Secretary Li Dakang: “I see. It can help raise people’s awareness of electricity and improve the security of the system. Perhaps, I underestimated the power of future technology and the actual benefit and potential of the devices being made today.”

Gao Yuliang: “Mi Smart Home Security Kit was introduced to manage a smart house with comfort and ease. It is highly functional and effective.”
Secretary Li Dakang: “Well, Gao Yuliang, you won! Come and visit me next Monday to discuss how we could use smart home devices in our campaign.”

by Bayan Temur - date 10 May 2017

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