Mi MIX Was Awarded with the Outstanding Industrial Design Awards

Aug 14, 2017

Mi MIX – almost the whole front side is occupied by a screen with a resolution of 1080×2040 (which is about 91% of the surface), and the body of the device is ceramic with a smooth surface, which is pleasant to touch (the composition includes an alloy of zirconium and ceramics)


What I like most at Xiaomi is how she manages to impress both the most demanding technology fans and those with little financial possibilities. It is a specific Asian mentality. In Europe and the US, middle-income people are viewed with superiority and neglected by those with higher incomes. There is no compassion for those with lower incomes. In the Xioami group, non-gadgets can be on the same shelf with products with top technology.

It’s true that a middle-income Xiaomi fan would like a performance gadget. It’s natural. It’s just right. But as long as he can afford a cheaper product Xiaomi is pleased. He does not feel distant or isolated. When Xiaomi launches a top product he is proud. He knows one day that part of that technology will go to him.

This is the true spirit of Xiaomi.

Mi MIX was awarded with the outstanding Industrial Design Awards

the smartphone does not have any frames, so the front camera module changed its location, but it did not affect to its quality (8MP front and 16MP external camera). Because the display has grown the loud speaker was transformed too. To make the smartphone frameless, Xiaomi had to move the speaker from the front panel.

Thanks to piezoelectric technology, sound is transmitted by vibrations of the ceramic body and directs it into the ear. Now you do not have to worry that you will not hear the interlocutor in a noisy place. Separately we would like to note the design — laconic, strict and tasteful. Nothing superfluous and the golden edging around the camera and the fingerprint scanner (in the version with 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory) gives it a high price and a certain charm.

All of this is a work of Philippe Starck. He, as world-renowned designer, created a design for Mi MIX.

It can be fully considered as mini-tablet, and the structure of it is frameless. It is an example when taking a risk and non-standard approach give a result that meets all of the expectations.

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