Mi Home inside the The Forum Vijaya Mall at Chennai

Mi Home inside the The Forum Vijaya Mall at Chennai – the fifth Mi Home started in India.

Commerce is now heading for a new form. Buyers order their products online after testing them personally in specialized locations or friends. Even if we have modern means of communication and review publishers, people want to test. They want to test the products before making the final decision. We have come to this state due to the lack of trust in publishers and the low ability to understand what they say.

mi home

We have people who understand that an editor can lie through omission. Intentionally or not. He can highlight certain obvious advantages and omit some hidden disadvantages. It is not objective. We also have people who can not understand certain functions. They do not have enough smart education to understand. These people need to see them with their own eyes.

What I said is not a novelty. It is a trend recognized by the major technology manufacturers on the market. They are trying to adapt to the new demands. Some succeed. Others are behind. The Xiaomi team in India has understood how important the adaptation is and supports the expectations of Xiaomi fans.

Another advantage of Mi Home is that here Xiaomi fans can see how Xiaomi products communicate with each other. I can see them in the network. Unlike what he sees in a friend or channel of a vlogger where the products are limited. Here they can see the latest products communicating with each other.

I remind you that these locations also have the role of providing the necessary technical support on a growing smart market. Nothing is accidental. The plan is designed with the utmost attention in the smallest detail. And the results can be seen.

by Bayan Temur - date 4 Sep 2017

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