Mi fans in America were disappointed

Apr 26, 2017

The highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi 6 was unveiled just days ago, and Mi fans in America were disappointed but not surprised to find out that the flagship wouldn’t be coming to the US. While Xiaomi has taken its first steps into the US market, the Chinese company has yet to release a smartphone here. In this article, we’ll explain why.

This introduction does not belong to me. It was written by a Xiaomi fan disappointed with the postponement of Xiaomi entry to the US market. A fan who kept his objectivity and tried to find out the real reasons for this postponement.

Even though I was disappointed for this reason I started to understand them. It’s better to wait a little longer. I can win the first battles. But not all. They are not ready. And the times are not favorable.


I recommend you to read WHY DOESN’T XIAOMI SELL SMARTPHONES IN THE US?, which takes a few paragraphs.

Xiaomi has already been selling battery packs, headphones, a fitness wearable, speakers and TV boxes in the US. But if you want to buy a smartphone from the Chinese brand, you still have to buy it through unofficial channels. Why not just sell them online now? The company is taking its time to bring their phones to the US as part of its strategy to overcome some big challenges first: consumer awareness, rigorous carrier testing, finding the right timing and maintaining a steady supply chain.


The firm has a lot to lose if it rushes into the US market by launching directly to consumers. Mobile carriers represent a big opportunity to break into the market and it would be short sighted to burn bridges with them. Plus, years of branding efforts could be tarnished by supply chain issues if the company ventures in underprepared. Playing the long game in the US seems more worthwhile than short term gain, and the company has enough on its plate in the developing markets like India where it is thriving at the moment.

Wang Xiang, Xiaomi’s new global leader who took over the role from Hugo Barra, said there are definite plans for a US launch in two years. He said:

We don’t want to make a random decision. Oh say, here’s the Mi 6, let’s try the US market, if it doesn’t work let’s just leave. No, we want to be well-prepared and make a boom in those markets.

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