Mi Band continues to hold the lead the market bracelets.

According To IDC Report, Xiaomi Mi Band has grabbed the pole position in the list of top companies that manufacture wearable devices.

With a year-over-year growth of 13.7 percent, Mi Band it has allowed Xiaomi to gain a market share of 13.4 percent in Q2 2017.

mi band

The detailed report says that Xiaomi has captured 13.7% marke tshare has shipped 3.5 million wearables worldwide in Q2 2017 and became the world’s largest wearable vendor for Q2 . Following behind Xiaomi is Apple whose wearable devices has captured 13 % of the wearable market share and has shipped 3.4 million wearables during the 2nd quarter of this year and has achieved second spot. Fitbit gained a market share of 12.9 percent and has shipped 3.4 Million devices in Q2 2017. In the same quarter last year, it had a higher market share of 24.1 percent. Fitbit which shipped saw massive decline nearly cut Fitbit’s share to half from 24.1% in Q2 2016 to 12.9% in Q2 2017, and dropped the company from the top of the list to number three.

Smart bracelets will see a significant increase in sales when the information they collect will be interpreted by doctors. Medicine is experiencing a crisis of human doctors. It’s just a matter of time until smart gadgets will cover this lack. For the time being we get used to them, we test sensory information, test data security systems. A day will come when these bracelets will play an extremely important role. The one who will succeed first pass this threshold will have a hard-to-hit success.

From that point on, the smart market study reports will become extremely complex. The number of units sold will become a parameter of low importance.

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