Mi AI Speaker will also speak English soon

Nov 21, 2017

Mi AI Speaker can only communicate in Chinese for the time being. Soon she’ll be able to talk in English too

Mi AI Speaker is the smart assistant who helps us at home. I say at home that this product is promoted especially for home and less for the office. What I like about him is the look. It’s a familiar look. It reminds us of the radios that we keep on the nightstand. It does not look like futuristic gadgets trying to attract other producers. Mi AI Speaker respects our intimate space.

Mi AI Speaker

In recent years, we have been accustomed to remote control of various gadgets with the smartphone. There are situations where we want to be connected remotely. Let’s be communicated, for example, when someone comes into our room. Or when the humidity has increased because we forgot to close the window. There are gadgets that infiltrate such information. My AI Speaker tends to become a local assistant who can monitor the gadgets in the building and communicate their condition.

The information can be transmitted to us on the smartphone or can be played back to us when we arrived home. Mi AI Speaker is not just an interface between us and various databases. Like weather information. Mi AI Speaker can become a trusted friend who monitors our property and gives us useful information.

Chinese Xiaomi non-Chinese fans will be gladly happy. Mi AI Speaker learns to communicate in English. I expect sales of Xiaomi gadgets to grow after finalizing their courses and will be launched in the foreign markets. Smart citizens have begun to be attracted to smart homes with intelligent local assistants.

Another extremely important test to be subjected to is the security of data collection, storage, and external communication.

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