Mi 9 in China and Galaxy S10 in San Francisco on February 20

Feb 19, 2019

Xiaomi will launch the Mi 9 in China and Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 in San Francisco on February 20

The competition between Xiaomi and Samsung is very tight this year as well. Both manufacturers come with smartphone with high performance. Both manufacturers come with new facilities. Both manufacturers are responsible for security. Both manufacturers are extremely cautious about legislation. But in a matter of hours, only one of them will launch its top product on the US market. The second will launch the product in China.

Recognize. I await the day that Xiaomi products will be officially launched in the US. Especially the top products. I believe that Xiaomi products will only confirm their true value when they compete with equally competitive products on a mature market.

Major changes in internal organization in the Xiaomi group in the past year make me think that one of the reasons for postponing this confrontation is cautious. Test over which colleagues from Samsung have passed.

Xiaomi continues to give us uncertain information about the products it will launch. He likes to challenge us to track clues and discover new facilities. This attitude is old. We do not have time to talk about assumptions. We want to talk about reliable information.

By Tudor
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