How many products Xiaomi recognize the next photo?

Jan 6, 2017

The teaser video released ahead of the presentation at CES 2017 contains an image with more products Xiaomi. How many products Xiaomi recognize the next photo?

The authors of articles about technology are the three categories. First are those who do not know anything about technology and not about marketing. In second place are those who know less about technology and more about marketing and less about marketing and more about technology. In third place are those who know great technology and marketing.

One of the most effective ways to identify them is to follow the level at which they aim Information. It’s easy to take a story and write the same words. Read three different articles and find the same idea. Nothing more. Only the phraseology differ. Differences begin only when some authors begin to correlate the new information with other information. When it start to settle in a setting that i know. The next level belongs to those who manage to shoot and conclusions.

That said, i kindly ask you to look at the following picture and tell me what products Xiaomi identified.


I said the other day about the game with teaser. Xiaomi what he wanted to convey? That is the maximum level. The first is identifying goods. I managed to go?

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